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Live report of our first acoustic gig 2009-03-24

Our first acoustic gig’s report posted on Naniwametal.... READ MORE

News Archives : 2008 2008-12-31

:: Nov 24, 2008 Taro Arai who was a support guitar player from 2006 became ... READ MORE

Successful Tokyo gig’s report posted on the Web 2008-11-26

Metal WebZine Naniwametal reports our highly successful gig in Tokyo.... READ MORE

News Archives : 2007 2007-12-31

:: Dec 13, 2007 You can buy “Samurai Metal vol.2” now via iTune... READ MORE

Live show at Sapporo reported by Naniwametal 2007-05-20

Japanese WebZine Naniwametal reports our live show at Sapporo.... READ MORE

Live report posted on Young Guitar magazine 2007-01-10

The show at Sanctuary in November was reported by The Young Guitar Magazine... READ MORE

News Archives : 2006 2006-12-31

:: Dec 25, 2006 X.Y.Z.->A‘s brand-new album “Wings” wa... READ MORE

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