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News Archives : 2006 2006-12-31

:: Dec 25, 2006

X.Y.Z.->A‘s brand-new album “Wings” was released now. (Singer is Minoru Niihara of LOUDNESS)
Koh has joined in this album as the guest backing vocal. Check it out!
…and, we wish merry christmas and happy new year for you all. Stay Celt!!

:: Dec 12, 2006

The show at Sanctuary in November was reported by The Young Guitar Magazine for January 2007.

:: Nov 19, 2006

“Celtic Drum” was broadcasted by Makoto ‘Captain’ Wada’s Heavy Metal radio program “Captain Rock” (FM OSAKA) on November 18th.

:: Nov 19, 2006

The only show in 2006 of BELLFAST was performed splendidly last night at Numabukuro Sanctuary.

We say thank you for the great support musicians, all the parties concerned of Samurai Sound Association and Sanctuary, and YOU, the Vikings! who gathered in front of the stage!

::: Setlist :::
S.E. (Theme from Harry’s Game@CLANNAD)
1. That’s Ireland
2. Back To Beautiful Mars
3. Restless Kind of Feeling
4. Winter of Death
5. Celtic Drum
6. We Don’t Need A Reason (Cover of DARE)

:: Oct 27, 2006

“SAMURAI METAL Vol.2” on store now!
BELLFAST provides a song that is one of the classics of the band called “Celtic Drum” for this compilation album.
Refer to Discography for the details (and how to BUY) about this album.

:: Oct 11, 2006

We announce two beauties —Ms. Haruna Fukazawa (flute) and Ms. Eri Mitani (violin)— join us as new support member.
Haruna is the professional flute player who works in broad fields, such as a Classic, Jazz, and Rock/Pop.
Eri is talented player who is known as a 1st violinist of NEW TROLLS’s Concerto Grosso Live in Japan 2006.

Haruna Fukazawa (Flute)

Eri Mitani (violin)

Now, the lineup of our November’s show was finally fixed!!

  • Koh Nishino (vo, whitsle)
  • Makoto Kano (g, backing vo)
  • Shuji Matsumoto (b, backing vo)
  • Tsuyoshi Fujino (dr)
  • Taro Arai (g)
  • Haruna Fukazawa (flute)
  • Eri Mitani (violin)

:: Oct 04, 2006

Artwork and detailed information of “SAMURAI METAL Vol.2” was posted on Discography section.

:: Sep 29, 2006

Our latest material, “Celtic Drum” has been posted online on MySpace page.(1 munites streaming)

:: Sep 19, 2006

MYSPACE MUSIC page is launched today. Join now!!

:: Sep 18, 2006

We started the rehearsal for the coming show.
And we decided to play an one cover song. The Celtic styled hard rock tune matches BELLFAST perfectly. Which song? …Fummm, please look forward to the night of show!!

:: Sep 4, 2006

We appoint Taro Arai as a second guitarist on the coming show.
He was a sworn friend of Koh in the band ROSERICH that both joined before.

:: Sep 1, 2006

Mix&Mastering of “Celtic Drum” was completed before dawn last night.
We’re thankful to all of you who cooperate. 🙂
Celtic drums are in our souls!!
From now on, we will be devoted to preparation of the coming show.

:: Aug 29, 2006

The following show was fixed!!

November 18th (sat) 2006
at Sanctuary (Numabukuro, TOKYO)

:: Aug 29, 2006

Resurrection with new domain “”!!

BELLFAST provides a song “Celtic Drum” for the forthcoming compilation album “SAMURAI METAL Vol.2″(Samurai Sound Association).

“Celtic Drum” is one of the classics of a band. The band recorded the rock-part by Sound Koara Studio (Saitama) in July. And the newly added brilliant fork-part was recorded in Studio Vial (Aichi) in August.
Now, Mix&Mastering is working by engineer Tatsuya Kase in Bazooka Studio in Tokyo.

“SAMURAI METAL Vol.2” will out in October 27th via Samurai Sound Association.