Past Shows

Past Shows

2012-10-07 : SOUND OF DEATH vol.19 at PARKSQUARE (Sendai, Japan)

Oct. 7, 2012
Venue: Sendai PARKSQUARE
Bands: BLINDMAN, Crying Machine, SKULL FUCK, Refion13, WILD FRONTIER

::: BELLFAST Setlist :::
1. Bell’s Air
2. That’s Ireland
3. Sail Under the Midnight Sun
4. Celtic Drum
5. Ancient Celtic Fire
6. Deadly Oath
7. Winds of Time

Performed by:
Shuji Matsumoto (b)
Makoto Kano (g)
Koh Nishino (vo)
Hiroshi Sakakima (dr)
Taro Arai (g)

Live Support Member:
Wakako (violin)
Lisa (flute/whistle)