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New lineup launched ! 2024-03-04

We are pleased to announce a new line-up with Shingo Uchida (Drums) and Izumi Takeuchi (Violin).

(L to R)
Masaki Ikeda – Bass
Taro Arai – Guitar
Izumi Takeuchi – Violin
Koh Nishino – Vocal
Yumiko – Flute
Shingo Uchida – Drums
Makoto Kano – Guitar

For the drum part, last year we had Ryuta Yamazaki (AFTERZERO, HELLHOUND) help us as a live support member, now we have now welcomed Shingo Uchida as our regular drummer. Shingo Uchida is known as one of the most skilled drummers in the scene and has played in a variety of bands including Kyoto’s dark rock band Rikugo, and has been a dear friend of ours for 20 years.
Instagram | @shingouchida

And, after 6 years of significant contribution to the band since 2017, violinist Saori Hoshino (Liv Moon, soLi, Tonerico) has found it difficult to continue her participation in BELLFAST due to her schedule, and as a replacement, she has been replaced by The band’s first member, Izumi Takeuchi, who was a member of BELLFAST from 2007 to 2012, has returned to BELLFAST for the first time in 12 years.
Izumi Takeuchi official web site

With this strong new line-up, including the above two old and trusted friends, and bassist Masaki Ikeda, who joined the band last year and has already become an integral part of the band, we are currently working on a new third album. The album is scheduled for release in October 2024, with a Japan tour to follow the new album in November.
Further details on the album release and tour will be announced as soon.

Thank you for all your support to us!