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HERITAGE OF IRON Tour : Ticket Information 2011-07-03

Aug 14 (Sun) Osaka – Namba Rockets
Ticket Pia P-CODE [142-962]
Lawson Ticket L-CODE [54979]

Sep 3 (Sat) Nagoya – Apollo Theater
Ticket Pia P-CODE [143-969]
Lawson Ticket L-CODE [43393]
SMC Plaza Tel: 052-265-2666

Oct 9 (Sun) Tokyo – Shibuya Cyclon
Lawson Ticket L-CODE [72366]
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::: Special discount for high school/college students :::
You can enter only 1,800yen (+Drink fee) with your student identification card. (Door ticket only: No reservation)

Of course you can reserve the tickets for HERITAGE OF IRON Tour via our Ticket Reservation Page. If you reserve the tickets via us, we offer the special free gift “Mettaliman-Sticker of BELLFAST” for only the first 50 tickets.(*) Hurry up!
* We will give you your sticker when a receptionist confirms your reservation at hall reception of venue.

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